Stock for Sale

The Grove Herd of Pedigree South Devons

The Grove herd stock for sale:

We have the two bulls below going to the Autumn Breed Sale at Cirencester on 7th October - 2 pedigree South Devon bulls born in 2016:

Grove Brutus 157th, born 18.1.2016

Grove Darius 28th, born 26.1.2016

We have four bulls, born in 2016, for sale off the farm; they are currently destined for the breed sale at Exeter next Spring and/or at the Midland Club sale at Stoneleigh:

Grove Wellington 103, (701536) - born 27/02/2016

Grove Domitian 33, (601542) - born 26.1.2016

Grove Croesus 14, (201559) - born 03/04/2016

Grove Claudius 132, (601563) - born 09/04/2016