Stock for Sale

The Grove Herd of Pedigree South Devons

The Grove herd stock for sale:

15 maiden heifers, born 2016.

Breed Autumn Sale at Cirencester Market on 7th October 2017:

Grove Buttercup 165th, born 30.1.2016

Grove Mayflower 55th, born 11.3.2016

Grove Mayflower 56th, born 9.4.2016 (polled)

Twelve other pedigree heifers (born in 2016) for sale off the farm – price list on request. We can deliver within a radius of 100 miles.

Also entered for the sale at Cirencester on 7th October 2017, 2 pedigree South Devon bulls born in 2016:

Grove Brutus 157th, born 18.1.2016

Grove Darius 28th, born 26.1.2016