The Grove Herd of Pedigree South Devons was founded on 16th March 1977 by Mr and Mrs WHD (Douglas) Scott at The Manor of Groves in Hertfordshire, and moved to Gloucestershire in 1988. It has become a highly respected and successful herd, achieving impressive statistics, awards and sale prices.

Our suckler herd of approximately 100 cows graze 260 acres of Oxford clay. The herd is predominantly spring calving. The best breeding bulls are selected each year, assessing conformation, temperament and with reference to their EBV figures. The remaining males are castrated and sold as stores. Up to 25 females are sold for breeding, mainly maiden heifers.

We sell at the Herd Book Society breed sales as well as privately to farms in the UK and abroad and are happy to advise on the most suitable animals for your requirements. In the past, we have provided foundation stock for new herds, taking a selection of stock from across our breedlines.

The herd is Breedplan recorded and a member of the CHeCS HiHealth Herdcare, risk level 2 for Johnes, accredited for BVD and vaccinated for Lepto.

We are also a high welfare herd accredited to the Red Tractor Scheme.